Waste Land

Waste Land, filmed over nearly three years and directed by Lucy Walker is a fascinating documentary about the world's largest garbage dump "Jardim Gramacho" in Brazil, Rio de Janiero, and their “catadores” —self-appointed collectors of recyclable materials. Lucy's film crew follows the artist Vik Muniz on his journey from New York Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the biggest landfill in the world where he immortalizes the catadores by taking pictures and in collaboration with them transforming those into portraits created with the garbage of Jardim Gramacho. All of these artworks should later on be sold at auctions and the money be given back to the community. This documentation is so simple, human, heart-warming and "shows that beauty is never outside the reach of people who never stop believing in themselves".

“Beautifully captured, this portrait of a very proud and resourceful underclass rightly tugged the heartstrings of everyone who saw it.”



Sundance Film Festival - Audience Award for Best World Cinema Documentary January 2010
Berlin Film Festival - Panorama Audience Award for Best Film
- Amnesty International Human Rights Film Award
February 2010
IDFA -Audience Award for Best Documentary November 2010
Full Frame Film Festival - Audience Award for Best Film April 2010
Dallas International Film Festival - Target Filmmaker Award for Best Documentary March 2010
Seattle International Film Festival - Best Documentary, Golden Space Needle Audience Award (tie) June 2010
Provincetown International Film Festival - HBO Audience Award, Best Documentary Feature June 2010
Maui International Film Festival - Audience Award for Best World Cinema Documentary June 2010
Paulinia Film Festival - Audience Award for Best Film
- Jury Award for Best Film
July 2010
Durban International Film Festival - Best Documentary
- Audience Choice Best Film
- Amnesty International Durban Human Rights Award
August 2010
EcoFocus Film Festival - Human Spirit Award
- Audience Award for Best Feature Film
October 2010
Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival - People's Choice Award for Best Documentary Film October 2010
Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival - Jury Award October 2010
Heartland Film Festival - Crystal Heart Award October 2010
Vancouver International Film Festival - Rogers People's Choice Award October 2010
Såo Paulo Internacional Film Festival
- Itamaraty Award for Best Documentary  November 2010
Amazonas Film Festival
- Jury Award November 2010
Stockholm International Film Festival - Silver Audience Award November 2010
IDA Awards - Best Documentary
- Pare Lorentz Award
December 2010
Rotten Tomatoes  - Golden Tomato Award, Best reviewed Documentary  January 2011
Wild & Scenic Festival  - Best of Festival  January 2011
Frozen River Film Festival  - Jury Award  January 2011
Princeton Environmental Film Festival  - Best of Festival   February 2011
Academy Awards® - Best Documentary Feature  Nominee

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