Artists Wanted!

For the project 'StageTheSpace', organized by SCHAURAUSCHEN for this summer 2011 in Berlin, they are still seeking for artists preferably from the genre:


Performative installations and interventions for the opening night


For the exhibition

What counts: formal freedom, contentual context 

How to submit

- Sketch of the project (3 pages max.) including image credits (DVD, photo, drawings). Photos/Series of Photos (max. 10 pieces) to be sent as jpeg (please no bigger than 2 MG for the viewing per Mail, otherwise send us a link to download)
- Statement describing the theme (ca. 500-1000 characters)
- CV
- Filled out and signed application form (click here)

StageTheSpace will take place in summer 2011 in Betahaus Berlin.
More details coming soon. 

Submissions please until 30.04.2011 to

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