The WYEnachtsmarkt

Good morning, good morning and a wonderful start into the weekend!
On today's saturday and tomorrow's sunday you definitely should not miss the special kind of christmas market - a modern interpretation of holiday festivities in The WYE - former Skalitzer Post office - where 20,000 sq ft will be livened up by Kreuzberg residents, art communities, Berlin's artisans and craftspeople, delicious delights for your palate served from local restaurants and an adorable vintage-market organized by Blackbird, We Make Party and the Owl Factory Production (FIER Management, Konzept 86, Krauted Haus). In all of that you'll have the possibility to leave your old art books and take another one's used art book instead. All remaining books will be used to start a community art library at The WYE, thanks to Art Book Swap!
And in case you should find a coat in your closet not be worn anymore simply bring it with you and donate it to "Kältehilfe der Berliner Stadtmission" an organization helping homeless people to survive extreme cold nights under zero by providing them with warm donated clothes, offering them a warm shelter and safely silence.

So enjoy this weekend with a special kind of festivities filling up not only your heart with jof and fun

 When: today and tomorrow, 12pm - 8 pm
Where: The WYE, Skalitzerstrasse 86, 10997 Berlin, Germany
Entry: 3 Euros for single entry, 5 Euros for weekend pass

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