I finally finally finally stumbled upon some works of the artist Vermibus in our streets of Berlin and was fast enough to capture them through my lense
Vermibus is known by his artistic interventions of transforming advertising posters pasting up our cities in each and every corner, being your daily companion, if you want it or not. By vanishing and blurring contours of advertised subjects with solvent, Vermibus critizes aesthetic values of the consumer society. Playfully he moves between the media of photography, being printed on posters and the art of painting. As soon as he starts to unite the solvent with his chosen working base, he is painting not by adding color but by erasing it instead. Once picture-perfect models are turning into anthropomorphic sculptures, trying to point out the aura and the personality of the individual which deeply is getting lost in the use of mass advertising!

all images © by me

See more of Vermibus' work on his website.

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