Sleep Is Commercial S/S 2012 Video Campaign

Finally and proudly i am presenting you the short video by Berlin-based collective Sleep is Commercial for their S/S 2012 collection, available in the stores by next year. Featuring Emme Preissler, Victor Larsson and music of the collective's own artist: Gek!
air, wind, bodies, dust, waves, light. we walk, we dance, we cross. dreams caught between your teeth. tigers. men. women. dragons. flowers. water. end. beginning. change. awakening. past. present. future. here and now. loss. rebirth. music. love.

Sleep is Commercial 'Sakura City' S/S 2012 Video Campaign, a Studio Quatorze production
Sakura City [...] represents our inner city. The city we build, the city we take refuge, the city we dream, we live, we shy away, while beautiful and delicate as a cherry blossom.
And i also highly recommend you to have an insight into their ongoing 'Liquid Diary', sharing their world, aesthetics and inspirations

Dreamed in Berlin.

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