Stop being quiet and RISE UP!

Regarding to this worldwide ongoing and ever growing movement, expressing their discontent about greed, banks, speculations, money and connected power excesses, controlling media and governments i really would like to commend to everbody, everybody, everbody out there in this world to EDUCATE yourself! Please stop only watching the media out of televisions, read, search, use more than just one source, the internet gives you all the possibilities! Go deeper into this matter! Dont only put the finger on big banks but also ask yourself and try to find out who owns the FED, banks, worldwide ? So who controls all these procedures ? What are the goals behind that ? And who in the end - actually influences our world the most ? Research the following families: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Lehmann, Oppenheim, Morgan. GOOGLE them with names of some banks! They are difficult to link because of their: owning a bank, that owns a bank that owns a foreign company, that owns a share in a weapon manufacturer...  But you will see that those families own so many private banks and now you might also start to understand how powerful they are. Same step with media! GOOGLE e.g "Rothschild" and "media" and find out how much control they also have in this area!
So now that you know who owns the media it is not so difficult to understand why we know so little about it! But luckily we have the internet, our voices and our memory! Do the same research for the other families like Rockefellers, Morgans, Bush in connection with the word 'oil' and please now think about who has the interest in going into wars with Afghanistan, Iraq and eventually very soon also Iran ?!

Please stop being passive and get informed!

For this i'd like to share one part of the 'Zeitgeist' movie which enlightens the truth of the few families (the 1%) and their power over our world, us the 99%!

(english version)

Further on i also want to share with you the following interview with Aaron Russo (✝2007), an American movie producer, director and political activist!

(english version with german subtitles)

I hope you somehow could get an idea of with what we are dealing here and i would be more than happy if you share your new knowledge with friends and family and even happier to see you supporting this recent movement by joining one of thousands 
around the world!

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