Robert McGinnis

 ...and again an artist pays tribute to female 
Beauty and Sensuality
This time it's the brillant work of the American illustrator Robert McGinnis. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1926 he was one of Walt Disney's apprentices, studied fine art at Ohio State University and is famous for his illustrations of over 1200 paperback book covers and movie posters such as James Bond, Barbarella, Breakfast at Tiffanys  and Woody Allen's Sleeper. Here you will find a big collection of his paper book covers and while i was browsing through the ocean of McGinnis' illustrations i was stopped and fascinated by so many of his drawn heroic female characters that i couldn't resist in sharing them with you!

“The strongest motivation I have is to be free of everything and just paint a beautiful woman” 
[McGinnis' interview for Ellesse ]

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