Jorinde Meline Barke

Among the Young Designers and Graduation Collections shown during Berlin Fashion Week SS 2012 there was another special little star and friend: Jorinde Meline Barke With her 'Lets Talk About Feelings' graduation collection she has been awarded by a 6 months internship at ESCADA  as well as a support and coaching price by the head hunting agency Floriane de Saint-Pierre. Looking back in time i remember myself trying on the deep ocean-blue blouses of her very first collection 'Bass Piano' studying at the Berliner University of Arts and to see how all her efforts of the last years are finally bearing fruits, makes my smile even brigther!
As i am as usual in love with details i am giving you a glipmse of her jewelry line  which she developed for her graduation collection in collaboration with product designer Frank Michels and rise my hand as a candidate for that strong and beautiful twisted gold chain

Congratulations and
Chapeau, Misses Barke!

P.S.: Adidas Originals already collaborated with Ms. Barke and her jacket will be available for all of you in 
      the next season

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