C/O Double Opening: Sibylle Bergemann & Gregory Crewdson

"It’s the fringes of the world that interest me, not its center. The noninterchangeable is my concern. When there is something in faces or landscapes that doesn’t quite fit."

It's Sibylle Bergemann, a 1941 born Berliner, famous photographer of the GDR (DDR), Arno Fischer's wife, co-founder of the OSTKREUZ Photogtaphers' Agency in 1990, documenting the developments in East Berlin and taking Polaroids for more than 40 years. This night our beloved C/O gallery will present 140 Polaroids by Sibylle Bergemann - the very first time a large number of her instant pictures is shown publicly - paying homage to this infinitely patient, calm, and attentive woman who passed away in November 2010.
But tonight you will not only find the Polaroids of  our German photographer Sibylle Bergemann,  C/O gives you the opportunity to get some impressions of the work of the American artist Gregory Crewdson, too. Until the 4th of September C/O Berlin will present about 90 large-format photographs from his series Fireflies (1996), Beneath the Roses (2003 to 2007), and Sanctuary (2010). Taking you on a journey through anonymous American suburbs, left behind Roman backlots, their forgotten  life and artifacts, as much as ordinary, mystical 
                                           landscapes of mother earth.

When: Opening tonight, July 1st, 7pm - September 4th
Where: C/O Berlin, Oranienburgerstrasse 35/36, 10117 Berlin

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