Thom Thom's Urban Mosaics

I just fell in love with the beautiful work of the french urban artist Thom Thom a.k.a. Hephaestus or also known as Thomas Louis Jacques Schmitt! This time it is not spraying or painting in the streets, Thom Thom uses simple cutters and -no- is not scratching any windows causing tons of repair costs upgrades large advertising posters on the city walls by cutting, slashing, slicing, re-stucking and therefore also transforming the advertising messages!
I would love, love, love to see his work (1) in the streets of Berlin (2) before they get covered again by  the next yawning ordinary advertising!

For more informations about Thom Thom visit MathGoth, have a look at his Flickr or simply watch the following video:

❤ ❤

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