Anders Petersen

I just came home from a little walk in the center of Berlin having a look at some exhibitons and definitely need to introduce you to the swedish photographer: Anders Petersen. Until the 16th of July 'Swedish Photography' is showing his artwork 'Mental Hospital' for which he spent several years photographing patients at psychiatric hospitals in the south of Stockholm. All of his images are shot analogue in black and white and i really can't tell how deep and strong the characters in his photos are effecting the viewer standing infront of the prints. I for myself more than adore the work of Anders Petersen and absolutely discovered a new influential milestone of photography in my life! So everybody who is or will be in Berlin until the 16th of July definitely needs to have a look at the work of Anders Petersen in the 'Swedish Photography' gallery!

Mental Hospital, 1995

"I photograph people with whom I can identify and I feel attracted by people who live outside society. In all my photographs, I try, essentially, to create self-portraits."

Other Works

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