Jim Denevan

For all the early bookers around the world who already count down the weeks until their summer holidays, let me give you some inspiration for what else you can do at the beach instead of only building drip castles..


It's the american chef, surfer and artist Jim Denevan making use of mother earth's natural elements. Worldwide beaches and lakes are Denevan's personal canvases, replacing a painter's brush with wooden sticks and rakes he is creating breath taking monumental  temporary sculptures for the public. This takes him sometimes six hours and a walk of miles, leading his chosen drawing stick to the rhythm of his mind, the ocean, his foodsteps and body.
"My movement has a present. And then where I want to be, that's the future. [...] Then the line has a past."

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So when the moment has come in which you are lying totally relaxed at the beach, creating your holiday greetings out of the toe's movement in the sand and decorating it with self-found shells, share this mental moment for a split second with a thought on Denevan's art and an even smaller one on me 

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