Ellen Rogers

Oh Lord,this is a golddigger's masterpiece: Ellen Rogers! About one and a half year ago i saw the first pictures of the London-based artist, since then finally some magazines took notice of her and now the time has come to share Ellen Roger's exceptional photography with you! She is simply a genius in analogue photography, knows how to mix her chemicals in the darkroom and the only digital equipment she might use is her scanner in order to scan the end results! I more than adore her individual fairytale like work, inspired by her fascination for religion, occult, mysteries and ancient history.
 "[...] something more ruined seems more tantalising than something more untarnished is innate."
via DazedDigital

i-D Magazine, Tank Magazine, Vice Magazine, Vision Magazine, Rika Magazine, Glass Magazine, Labb Magazine

Dear worldwide fashion editors, open widely your doors and windows for the invigorating breeze of Ellen Rogers!

We want more, more, more!


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