54th Venice Biennale

The list of artists  for the main exhibition of the 54th Venice Biennale opening on June 4th to November 27th 2011, curated by Bice Curiger, has been announced! This year the exhibition is entitled 'ILLUMInazioni-ILLUMInations', features 82 artists from all over the world  and welcomes the newcomers of Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Haiti and after 35 years absence also Iraq will return to the most prestigious art platform!
Among the 88 represented nations there might be one  single pavilion left unfinished. It is the pavilion designed by Ernst Haiger. Inaugurated in 1938 by the ruling Nazi government. It is Germany, my country. Due to the death of Germany's pick for the Venice Biennale -  Christoph Schlingensief - in August 2010 the german pavilion's curator Susanne Gaensheimer admits that Schlingensief's plans were unfinished but at the same time he still will be the featured artist in the show. Now Gaensheimer is thinking of presenting a documentation  of Schlingensief's work  including the initial ideas for the german pavilion. 
"[...] we cannot fully realise his idea, as it wasn’t finished yet. There are so many questions and no one knows what Schlingensief would have done. He is one of the greatest German artists and there simply is no Schlingensief replacement. He probably would have torn down half the pavilion two weeks before the opening and rebuilt it all."

As on my 'things-i-wanna-do-in-my-life-list' already was written down 'visiting once a Venice Biennale and enjoying the Venetian daylife' i until now only put half a cross for 'visiting Venice' and it seems to me that this year's Venice Biennale would be worth to complete the little X!

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