Pierre le Hors

Firework Studies


As i am in love for fireworks, always longingly waiting for New Year's Eve in which fireworks enlighten the sky for the moment between the old and the new year i fell in love with the work  of the following artist and photographer: Pierre le Hors.
His book Firework Studies 2009 -published by Hassla- compiles photographs of fireworks in the night sky out of which i've chosen just a few images to give you a shortly insight.

Other works of his photographs he shows in:
  1. fluid displacements, 2010
  2. rgb transferences, 2010 
Besides that he has the amazing idea to share his passion for art by sending every day a personal drawing into your mailbox . So if you would like to recieve daily drawings by Pierre le Horse just send him an e-mail to pierrelehors@gmail.com

And enjoy following his blog, too!

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