Osamu Kanemura


Osamu Kanemura is a japanese photographer capturing the rapid and chaotic urban life in Tokyo. I absolutely love his unique view on his town and the way in which he is visualising Japan's capital in black and white images without sticking to any composition rules - underlining the gargantuan personality of this ever blooming métropole!
  1. Stravinsky Overdrive. Superlabo 2010
  2. German Suplex. Osiris 2008
  3. My Name is Shockhammer. Osiris 2007
  4. In - between 12 Osamu Kanemura: Germany, Finland. EU - Japan Fest Japan Committee 2005
  5. I Can Tell. Haga Shotan 2001
  6. Spider's Strategy. Osiris 2001
  7. Happiness is a Red before Exploding. Wides Shuppan 2000
  8. Osamu Kanemura. Yumiko Chiba Associates 1999
  9. Mole Unit No.4 Crash landing. Mole 1995

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