French Urban Art Festival 'Crimes of Minds'

In this year the streets of Brest, France, will mesmerize us with an artistical urban spectacle. Liliwenn, herself a well-known streetart artist and curator of 'Crimes of Minds', will conquer the small french city with other 17 artists, embellishing Brest's urban ambiance with their streetart and turning the center into a temporary open air gallery. Getting started on April 18th  various artists such as Herakut, Best Ever, C215, Morten Andersen, Indigo, Ben Slow, FinDAC, Sly2 and others will travel to Brest in the lapse of one year causing a constantly change of the city-look. As i am  in love for streetart I simply adore the idea of an ongoing process in which each single artist contributes to that one unique artistic synthesis and thus  renews, extends and embellishes this masterpiece of urban art. So for me there is just one thing left to say - Mr. Brest, please let the games begin..

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