Derek Ridgers

Today my daily thank-you card goes to: Derek Ridgers!
Thanks to this quiet observer and british photographer who with the beginning of the 70's captured over more than three decades of british social scenes and thus did a more than good job in documenting british pop-, street- and sub-cultures of Skinheads, Punks and New Romantics from this era. Not only in the streets of London he found his scenarios to record, also in the fashionable Soho's club scene you always were a witness of marvellous nightly spectacles.
Thanks to this man that following generations always will be able to enjoy and vaguely imagine the vibe of all these extravagant and exotic characters of this bygone era in Great Britain.
"They really were remarkable and very creative times. Which ended, in my opinion, when Leigh Bowery's Taboo closed in 1987."

                   Leicester Square 1983                                                  Brighton 1980
                 Sean. Skin Two. Soho 1983                                            At Club Fantastic. Southwark 1996
                       Kingsroad 1984                                                       Letty. Kingsroad 1984
                   Another Excess. Westbourne Grove 1985                    Martin Degville (Sigue Sigue Sputnik). Kingsroad 1981
                         Leigh Bowery. Brixton 1989                                                Kitty Kickbox. Submission. London 1995
                                     At Sacrosanct 1986                                                       Yvette. Brixton 1985
                        Punks. Vortex Club. London 1977                                                  Gossips. Soho 1991
                                    Chris. Kingsroad 1982                                                Heidi. Mud Club 1987
                   Derek Delves. Camden Palace 1982                                Christos Tolera. Cambridge Circus 1980
                      Hamish Bowles. Cafe De Paris 1986                             Kim Bowen. Outside Le Kilt Club. Soho 1980
Ari Up, Nina Hagen, Pam Hogg. Brixton 1992

See all of Derek Ridgers' work on his side!

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