Aaron Coleman

After Angeline Rivas' work with the touch of surrealism and cubism i am introducing you today another wonderful artist and printmaker: Aaron Coleman. This new Indianapolis based artist uses technology to create these complex geometric patterns and textures and works with techniques such as intaglio, silkscreen and lithography. Have a look at his work and dive into his land which seems to live and breathe surrealism on an everyday basis.
"Technology is a direct result of man’s ability to think. Therefore, technology is just another part of nature. We use technology to take us places we otherwise could not go and to see things we otherwise could not see. First we develop an idea, then we create the technology needed to accomplish the idea, and as a result we are illuminated with new ideas. As an artist, I embrace this concept by comparing complex patterns, textures or systems in nature with those found in man made, technological and architectural elements in our environment."

“As a printmaker, I use many intaglio and lithographic processes to create imagined machines and scenes of industrial ruins paired with ominous figures. I also use the technology available in my process of creating images to represent these ideas. By digitally manipulating images of natural and technological objects over and over, I mimic the repetitive qualities found in the concept that the mind develops technology to develop mind.”

“I create complex symmetrical imagery to evoke thoughts of machines and other man-made objects. I allow glimpses of the systematic characteristics of technological elements in my work to coexist with the patterns and textures found in the natural elements.” 

 “Some may think that with the birth of technology comes the death of tradition, craft and skill. I believe the opposite. Just because we have cars does not mean we cease to train our bodies to walk.”

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